Just a Card - Each Sale Counts

Just a Card - Each Sale Counts

Just a Card - Each Sale Counts

If Everyone Who'd Complimented Our Beautiful Gallery Had Bought Just a Card, We'd Still Be Open." 

With Christmas approaching and Small Shop Saturday this weekend, we wanted to bring the wonderful Just a Card campaign to your attention.

The above quote kick started this incredible campaign which aims to demonstrate the impact that even the smallest purchases have on small, independent businesses. When you shop independent, not only will you be getting a unique product or gift, you can also take away the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you have directly helped keep that little shop going - completely free with every purchase!

Just a Card was launched by Sarah Hamiliton. She says, “As an artist and designer, I know just how valuable each and every sale is, not only to independent shops and galleries, but to their artists and designer suppliers,” says Sarah. “They need our support, and that is why we started our campaign Just a Card – to encourage people to appreciate just how invaluable every purchase is.”

Small, independent shops keep our high streets unique, creative and interesting and if it’s cards you’re after, then pop in and check out our ever-growing collection which has something a little different for every occasion.

So this Christmas, take a break from your usual route around town. Get to know the real people and stories behind these independent businesses. Explore arcades, look online, support the small shops and their suppliers and buy something - even if it is #justacard













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