91 Magazine Volume 8

91 Magazine Volume 8


91 Magazine is an independent interiors and lifestyle magazine. Every page aims to inspire the space that surrounds you, the life that you've created and the things that you love.

interiors / creative living / styling / shopping / making / connecting

So what's inside this issue?

In Volume 8 we have a loose theme based around ideas of heritage and global culture. These themes are interpreted in various ways; how homeowners have considered the history of their property, wandering the planet to explore other cultures, keeping heritage crafts and family traditions alive and how makers can use their upbringing as a source of inspiration.

We visit homes in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, explore creative spaces with stories to tell from Barcelona to Portland, Oregon and share three recipes that 91 contributors have inherited from their families.

We give you shopping tips on how to create a global-inspired look at home, and our columnists talk of the meaning of home and how to move on in your creative journey.

The issue is 116 pages, perfect bound with a matt laminate cover.

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