Iris Teething Necklace

Iris Teething Necklace


Iris necklace features an assortment of smooth black silicone beads, strung by hand to make this striking necklace. Made with BPA-free food-grade silicone with no nasties, perfect for little teeth to sink into.

The necklaces provided lots of sensory stimulation with alternating textures and movement — perfect for catching the attention of easily distracted babes, particularly during feeding. 

The clasp is designed to break away if your baby pulls too hard, and the cord is baby safe too.

PS.... they are also awesome to wear if you don't have small people chewing  you!!!

Your necklace will arrive packaged carefully in a dustbag.

Material- BPA-free food-grade silicone

Size- approx 45cm Black Cord

By- Black & Beech

Made in Cardiff

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Teething/fiddling jewellery is baby-safe when worn by a parent, so baby can play, fiddle and chew. NEVER allow your baby to wear or play with the necklace without supervision, as it is not a toy

Wash in soapy water and allow to dry naturally.

The silicone beads are 100 per cent safe food-grade silicone, made from the same materials as pacifiers and teething toys.

The wooden beads are made from natural, unvarnished wood, which you can treat with coconut oil to nourish and protect if you wish.