Silver Asymmetric Oval Necklace

Silver Asymmetric Oval Necklace

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Sitting somewhere between circular and irregular, this exceptionally modern necklace will refresh any accessory wardrobe.

Materials- Nickel + lead free metal plated in sterling silver

Size- 2cm x 2.5cm

Short Chain: 46cm

Long Chain: 66cm

By- A Weathered Penny

Made in London

Chain Length:
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Jewellery Care, Maintenance, Advice and Tips…

First of all it’s extremely important to remember that silver and gold plating are soft metals that can scratch and dent very easily. To Keep your jewellery looking it’s best for as long as possible follow these simple steps and enjoy styling your accessories for even longer.

1. Remove at night –

Do not sleep in your jewellery. During the night we all sweat to some degree which can damage the jewellery, causing the plating to wear faster. Ensure your accessories are placed somewhere out of the reach of skin.

2. Storing different coloured accessories  –

Did you know not store gold and silver plated jewellery together? The different metals will react with one another causing your items to tarnish/fade or, on some occasions even change colour. Store all your jewellery in a dry / sun free area to help keep your jewels looking fresh for a longer.

3. Zip locked bags –

Did you know that air can effect the quality of some jewellery? Once you have taken your jewellery off at night, be sure to keep it safe in a zip lock bag (or a similar option, restricted from air). This simple attention to jewellery care will help maintain your items for longer.

4. Cleaning your accessories –

You should clean your jewellery at least once every tow months with a damp cloth of warm soapy water. Do not use any chemicals, as this can affect your jewellery and importantly, remember to be gentle with your accessories. When cleaned thoroughly, dry with a clean cloth or paper towel for best results.

5. Applying your daily routine –

Make sure to apply any make up, perfume, lotions and potions before you style your jewellery. Most of the mentioned applications contain chemicals which can affect the metals. Furthermore, this even includes hand sanitiser, it’s like weed killer to rings!

6. Time for the gym –

Don’t forget to remove your jewellery before you head out to do your squats or go swimming. Items of jewellery can easily be caught on machinery, fly off and go missing. Take care of your body and jewellery.