Stubby Candles- English Beeswax Hand Dipped

Stubby Candles- English Beeswax Hand Dipped


Oh, that honey smell! These hand dipped English beeswax candles are just the best smelling things ever (you might find me sniffing them in the shop!).

The candles are made in Cumbria using the traditional candle-making technique of hand dipping. This time-consuming process involves repeatedly dipping wicks – hung from a frame – into molten wax, gradually building up each candle layer by layer.

Snip the wicks to separate the pair of candles, and you will have hours of beautiful candle light to enjoy. Burn time 12 hours per candle.

Material- Beeswax

Size- 10 x 4.5cm at base

By- Moorland Candles

Made in the UK

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