Lagom Magazine Issue #6

Lagom Magazine Issue #6


With Lagom issue 6, is a new look: all — to let the magazine's photography really shine. Oh it is SO good!!

Unlike many other lifestyle magazines, who aim to sell readers an unattainable dream, Lagom aim's to inspire and motivate with genuine stories of creatives who've bravely set out on the road to independence, and to showcase destinations and products that are united by a love of quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Lagom celebrate's creative communities across the world — some of which have already earned their place on the map; others of which are in the process of doing so. 

Lagom is perfect-bound and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior), with a foil-blocked cover. Issue #6 contains 156 pages.

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