Origami Notepaper Set of 10 : Badger

Origami Notepaper Set of 10 : Badger


A fun set of 10 sheets of notepaper with envelopes, write your note then fold into a badger!

We remember at school we would send friends secret notes and then origami-fold them into hearts... which, if you drew ears and eyes on could also look like cute little animals! So we've got these new notelets to send secret messages to very special people! Designed to be written on the reverse, then folded and popped into the envelope provided. A beautiful gift set, fun to use and a special surprise to receive...

10 flat sheets, printed onto 100% recycled paper with 100% recycled kraft envelopes

Size: Approx. H18cm x W15cm when flat - folds to fit 10cm square envelope

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