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Winter Workshop... Come & get creative with us.

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As we approach Christmas, Home byKirsty is super excited to be holding 3 wonderful Winter Workshops. Each session will be hosted by some of Cardiff’s best creatives and aim to give you an opportunity to learn new skills and add a bit of homemade into your festive season.

Read on to find out which HBK Winter Workshop is for you and this year have yourself a merry little, handmade Christmas!

24th November, 6:00pm - 8:30pm £60

Create a beautiful, seasonal wreath to take home, decorate your front door and show off to all those who visit you this Yuletide! 
With our Castle Arcade neighbour, ForbesField. With expert guidance from Beth, you will be able to produce the best lookng wreath.


1st December, 6:00pm - 8:30pm £30

Have you always wanted to learn to knit? Whether you’re a beginner or fancy a cosy Winter project, this is a lovely chance for you to learn how to knit a super chunky hat, with tips & guidance from top knitter - Elen Angharad.


8th December, 6:00pm - 8:00pm £35

A welcoming screen printing workshop, with illustrator Lucy Dickson. Spruce up your pressents this Christmas & print up some wrapping paper, cards. Have fun and get creative this winter!



Recive 10% off any purchases at HBK on the night of the workshop, lucky you! 

Birthday Workshops at HBK

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As we rapidly approach the shops 2nd birthday on the 21st August, Home byKirsty is super excited to be holding 4 new Workshops. Each session will be hosted by some of Cardiff’s best creatives and aim to give you an opportunity to learn new skills. The workshops will take place in store in Cardiff's Castle Arcade during the last 2 weeks of August between 6:00-8:30pm.

Read on to find out which HBK Workshop is for you.

WORKSHOP No 1 Learn to screen print

24th August, 6:00pm - 8:30pm

A welcoming beginner level screen printing workshop, with illustrator Lucy Dickson. Create some fun products to take home with a personal screen printed design, have fun and get creative!

£30 with all materials included. 

WORKSHOP No 2 Learn to crochet

25th August, 6:00pm - 8:30pm 


Join Elen Angharad for this fun and informal crochet workshop! Suitable for absolute beginners (experience is a bonus). Whether you're a beginner or pro, come & create your own cool crochet plant pots, keep you succulents looking stylish! 

£25, all material is included & a free little plant too!

WORKSHOP No 3 Make a terrarium


31st Aug, 18:00 - 20:30

Go green & make a goldfish bowl terrarium with Beth from Forbesfield. Join us for a succulent packed evening with Cardiff's best florist. Create & take home your own stylish terrarium.

£45 with all materials included. 


WORKSHOP No 4 Make a faux flower crown

1st Sept, 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Make a glorious faux flower crown with Kat KB. Create serious faux flower envy with your own incredible flower crown with top tips from the fashion queen Kat KB. 

£30 with all materials included.

Book on quickly as there is only limited spaces available.

(P.S keep a close eye on Social Media for other birthday happenings!)



Desk space available at No.16!

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We've got a beautiful, light and friendly studio desk space available for a freelance creative individual to call home. Situated on the balcony of the stunning Castle Arcades, surrounded by independent businesses, shops and cafes. It is shouting out for an enthusiastic character to come and be part of the buzz. 

Shared with Kirsty Patrick, business owner and lighting designer, and Jon Llewelyn of Diagram Graphic Design Studio, there will be plenty of opportunities to collaborate and network. Studio16 industry nights are hosted downstairs in Home byKirsty, where there will be a chance to meet like minded people. 

A short distance from Cardiff Central train station (5 minute walk) and located right in the city centre it is easily accessible for commuters. 

If you think this sounds like a good fit for you & your business, contact either...

Kirsty - info@homebykirsty.com 


Jon - hello@diagramcreative.com




Meet the maker

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This time we're hearing from Sian Elin, an interior and textile designer who works from her studio in Cardiff. Sian is hugely popular with our customers, who love her use of colour, simple lines and shapes to create textiles & homeware pieces that will give any home a flare of fun and style. We wanted to know what gives Sian her inspiration to create such interesting designs and how she executes them so beautifully...

Location: Cardiff

Can you summarise your journey to becoming a designer in five steps?

• Studied Art A Level

• Undertook Art Foundation course

• Studied Graphic Design at University

• Worked as a children's book designer for publishing companies

• Set up Sian Elin in 2012, designing patterns for interior products.

What inspires your work?

The story behind my designs is a fusion of “East Meets West” – Eastern patterns rendered in hand-drawn graphic Scandinavian shapes, styling and colours. I discovered Islamic and Moorish architecture on my travels to India, the Middle East, and Southern Spain and was so mesmerized, I wanted to do something with them.

East meets west in Sian's beautiful collection of homeware

East meets west in Sian's beautiful collection of homeware

What is a typical workday for you?

I work from a studio in Cardiff which I share with a photographer. A typical day would include dealing with orders, answering many emails, working with sales reps, and currently finalising my new collection. 

Who is your favourite designer/maker?

Ooooh. So many! I think my all time favourite is the Marimekko brand.

Finnish design brand Marimekko

Finnish design brand Marimekko

What is your most treasured item of homeware?

I love my stripy teapot my boyfriend got me a few years ago. It's super functional but also very pretty to look at. It's a cylinder style teapot with a built in strainer.

Which of your own designs are you most proud of and why?

Erm, I think first collection, which includes my Horseshoe Arch, and Tress patterns. I think I'll always be most proud of them because they launched my brand and helped me garner lots of positive press and attention. 

Sian's Tress Pattern £48

Sian's Tress Pattern £48

We love the east meets west inspiration here, it really comes through in Sian's work and the way it is beautifully photographed. You can pick from a wide selection of Sian's pieces both in store and online! 

Meet The Maker

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We dropped Daniela a line to find out about the inspiration behind her beautiful and minimal works which include various products for the home, handmade with concrete and metal. Daniela is a new addition to the shop, we were hunting down some creations to house some spring greenery and we thought it really fit the bill! With some help from Beth of Forbesfield we have a new supply of Daniela's mini, medium and large pots including plants ready to take home. 

Baby Jo Marble £12

Baby Jo Marble £12

Location: London


  • Studied sculpture at Central St Martins
  • I used to work with concrete and metal when making huge artwork
  • I then decided to make smaller pieces
  • These then became home ware products
  • I like to think of them a small pieces of accessible art for the home



My big inspiration is Tao Ando, a self-taught architect who mainly uses concrete. My favourite building of his is Church of Light. The simplicity of his work is what I like. My other inspiration is my dad, an amazing carpenter. He gives me a lot of motivation.

Tao Ando Architecture 

Tao Ando Architecture 


Check my emails. Get into the workshop, create/make all day, get really messy and dirty. Eat lots. And drink loads of tea.


I look at artists more than designers. My favourite artists are Richard Deacon and Richard Serra. As they both manipulate materials in incredible ways. My favourite piece of Decaon's is the Laocoon. He steam bends wood to make it twist and curl like waves, the material completely manipulated by the maker. Richard Serra mainly uses steel in his works. I like the scale of Serra’s work, it dwarfs you and you are kind of controlled by his huge sculptures.



It would have to be my desk I made. With a metal base and concrete top. Simple design, the materials are what make it beautiful.

Which of your own designs are you most proud of and why?

My shelves, just because they are so simple and striking and look great on a white wall. And I love triangles, it is the strongest shape!

Daniela's shelf design

Daniela's shelf design

Thanks Daniela! Want to pick up a DR piece? Pop in the shop to see the whole collection and chose your favourite! 

Meet The Maker

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Brit Stitch

In this 'Meet the Maker' we spoke to Bek from Brit Stitch, a leather bag company which heralds from the beautiful Abergavenny. Brit Stitch pride themselves on creating items that are a lifetime investment, using traditional techniques and the best quality materials.


Can you summarise your journey to becoming a designer in five steps?

I was a child that loved to draw . I was always colouring in!
I LOVED art at school, and was always working with textiles and materials. As soon as I was old enough I took Textiles as well.
This is when I knew I wanted to design fashion. I studied Fashion Design in University of South Wales. It was a fantastic 3 years – showcasing in local exhibits, to Canary Wharf, to Graduate Fashion Week, graduating with a First Class Honours in 2011.
Once graduated I showcased my independent collection during LFW, selling my clothes at Spitalfields Market.
Straight after I graduated I also started working with Brit-Stitch on the launch of their new brand. This is a great brand to be part of- soon it became my full time job!

What inspires your work?

Here at Brit-Stitch we have such a strong heritage and roots in the leather industry. So there was so much inspiration. What we produce today, all stems from Toby, our local Milkman bringing back his leather cash bag in to have the strap replaced. 

  Milkman Toby


Milkman Toby

We could see the huge potential in this classic bag and the rest just grew from there. I have always had a love of minimal style, clean crisp lines and attention to detail. Our bags have a modern and fresh take on our classic.

  Toby's original milkman bag with todays version.


Toby's original milkman bag with todays version.

What is a typical workday for you?

This ranges from social media, dealing with suppliers and customers, managing production, quality control to developing new designs. I work from an office off the factory floor – a designers dream!


Who is your favourite designer/maker & Why?

I am always excited to see what Christopher Kane and Alexander Wang are going to showcase each. I am a huge fan of the conceptual styles of Comme Des Garcons and of course Alexander McQueen. I was in ore when I saw the Savage Beauty exhibition a few months ago!

  Comme Des Garcons 


Comme Des Garcons 

What is your most treasured item of homeware?

This has to be the vintage suitcase my Gran gave to me some years ago. It was hers when she was young. It’s a beautiful darkest green shade. It’s all worn and battered from its use over time, adding so much character.

Which of your own designs are you most proud of and why?

Our Half Pint bag! Super cute and definitely our style winner. But I am proud of every bag we produce – every one of our bags are made here in our factory in South Wales by our talented team. We have a bag for every occasion, super compact Half Pint to a Backpack to a Laptop bag.

Half Pint Leather Satchel

Half Pint Leather Satchel

Thank you Bek and everyone at Brit Stitch! We certainly share the same passion for well made, local goods that are created with love. You can find various brit stitch bags on our online shop and in store, so give us a visit!

Meet The Maker

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We asked Anna of Custom Made a few questions about how she developed her beautiful accessory brand and what led her to success. Custom Made create simple and contemporary jewellery to make a daytime outfit feel special or to glitz up in the evening. We love it and we know you will too!


Can you summarise your journey to becoming a designer in five steps:

My Mum teaching me to sew as a child.

Designing and making clothes for my barbies.

Drawing, creating & making from childhood to adulthood.

Education in fashion, finishing with a degree in fashion.

Starting my first job as a menswear designer.


What inspires your work:

My work is inspired by all sorts of things from lovely stationery to fancy fonts, bold pattern, space and science fiction novels, vintage photos of glamorous ladies. I’m a huge fan of the 70s and 80s and shows like Dallas and Dynasty. Looking at photos from that era, and of glamorous ladies from those shows influence my design.

  Lightning Studs £13.50


Lightning Studs £13.50

What is a typical work day for you:

Every day is different in the studio but I usually start with emails and planning for the day. I then sort online shop and wholesale orders ready to pack in the afternoon. The rest of the day can be anything and everything that goes into running a small business, which includes design, promotion, social media, production, customer service, range planning, paperwork and everything else I might have missed! 

Circle Triangle Necklace £25.50

Circle Triangle Necklace £25.50

Who is your favourite designer/maker:

I really like the Spanish brand Apres Ski. They make beautiful bead necklaces. Their use of colour is fantastic.

What is your most treasured item of homeware:

This is very boring and not design led at all but I have one of those Nutri Bullet blenders for smoothies and juicing and I use it everyday without fail. 


Which of your own designs are you most proud of and why:

The new Mizar necklaces. I had wanted to do something with cord instead of chain for sometime but it was all about finding the right components and design. I was a little unsure of the necklace at first but they are selling so well, I’m happy.


  Mizar Necklace £17


Mizar Necklace £17

Thanks Anna! Its great to have some insight into a designers mind. You can find a collection of Custom Made items both online and in store at Home byKirsty.

Meet The Maker

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We asked makers Georgie and Alex a few questions about their journey to becoming Pirrip Press, Bristol based printing studio. Pirrip Press produces beautiful, highly original stationary and paper goods, occasionally dipping their toes into textiles. Their work features big bold shapes contrasting with delicate details, keeping you intrigued. Such simple small goods to keep you smiling throughout a tough day at the office! 



Can you summarise your journey to becoming a designer in five steps?

Alex: We both did art-related subjects all through school and made tonnes of (probably useless!) stuff when we were little – pots, posters, scrunchies, necklaces, comics, masks, bags etc., and recently both remembered newspapers or magazines that we had self-published with our siblings or pals when we were about 10.  But the first print I remember was a butterfly print., made at my grandma + grandad’s dining room table. Where you make one half of the butterfly with paint and then fold the paper in half to squash (print!) the same pattern on the other side to make the two identical wings of the butterfly. Not sure what print method that is, but they were brilliant and smudgy and bold. Since then things gota little more sophisticated ;) We studied at university and each did lots of other jobs on the side. In 2012, I quit part-time other stuff to run Pirrip Press full time and we’ve grown little by little since then. 

What inspires your work? 

Georgie: We take inspiration from all sorts of places – books we read, things we see on our travels and anecdotes we remember. There’s usually a nature, science or history link somewhere along the line. There’s lots of youngster’s science books in our studio – they are a really good source of inspiration, and as the information they impart is usually in bite-sized bits for children, they’re easier for our non-scientific minds to comprehend! 

Summer & Winter Notebooks £5.50

Summer & Winter Notebooks £5.50

What is a typical work day for you?

Georgie: The way the day goes depends on what work we have on and what stage in the process it's at, sometimes we’re working at desks, sometimes on the computer, and the rest of the time in the silkscreen printing studio, but to give you an idea… 

We work in sketchbooks, drawing and painting and fiddling about and then things start to formulate into more solid ideas and images. Then we get the original drawn pages onto the computer and start playing around with layout, adding type, tidying up and testing colours and layers. We have both become quite practiced at separating things into layers in our minds and thinking through overlaps and shapes in our heads, ready for the silkscreen printing process.  But its always a treat when you get in the print room and get the second layer down for the first time in a print and you can really see it come alive.


Who is your favourite designer / maker?

Alex: We like lots of old printmakers and illustrators, both of us are Ravillious fans. And we really like the lithographs that Rosemary + Clifford Ellis made in the 50s and onwards, mainly commercial work for TFL and book covers, its really vibrant and beautiful – when colour was still quite new. Bet they’d have a good studio.

What is your most treasured item of homeware?

Alex: A big pot my grandma made when she took pottery classes in the 60s and 70s. It’s so handsome. It has been glued back together because it was smashed

Which of your designs are you most proud of and why?

Alex: We like to tell stories, and know that things have more authenticity if there’s research, thought and a narrative of some kind behind them, so there’s always a tale woven in to what we do.  Our work is pretty modern; we like simple and bold design and colours, and we like to laugh, so there’s often a lightheartedness and a wry smile present in what we produce. With all this in mind, we’re proud of everything we produce really! I like the stories behind the products, so the Zoo Quest bags came about after hours of old David Attenborough re-runs on YouTube, the Paris bags we thought to make when we were in Norway, the Christmas Dance cards we did in honour of my Grandad (who was a keen sequence dancer!) and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Sorry, not very concise!


Thanks Pirrip Press! We hope these lovely ladies inspire you as much as they inspire us.

You can pick up their goods online and instore at home byKirsty.

Meet The Maker

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We caught up with our mates at Tom Pigeon, consisting of Scottish husband and wife duo Pete & Kirsty Thomas (no not a bloke called Tom, who knew?!), to ask them a few questions about where they find inspiration and how they became such a well known british design studio. 



LOCATION: Cellardyke, Fife (a tiny fishing village on the East coast of Scotland.)

Can you summarise your journey to becoming a designer in five steps?

1. Loved art at school

2. Design Studies degree at University of Salford

3. Worked in fashion design and marketing

4. Set up Lovely Pigeon as a part time business

5. Tom Pigeon was born in 2014 when I merged the business and went into partnership with my husband Pete.

What inspires your work?

Where we live - landscapes, geometry of local harbours, ice cream colours, boat type, travelling fairs.

Mid-century design.

Minimalism and clean lines.

Totem necklace  £60

Totem necklace  £60

What is a typical workday for you?

Usually both in the studio by 9 but if the sun is shining we’ll go for a walk and usually discuss everything that needs done that day.

Spend most of the morning dealing with admin, orders, marketing, emails and if we’re lucky the afternoon might involve design meetings, working on new collections, sampling and product development.

Usually finished by 6 and try not to work after that (although that doesn’t always happen!)



Charles and Ray Eames - the diversity of their work, their constant fascination with all aspects of the world around them, their playfulness.

Ray & Charles Eames

Ray & Charles Eames

What is your most treasured item of homeware?

Family photos but I also have a little 1950s wall mounted ceramic deer head that I love.

Which of your own designs are you most proud of and why?

The Anstruther print....it was the first non-jewellery piece I designed for the collection and I love its clean lines. I also love that people seem to really like it and that it remains our best seller. 

Anstruther print £50

Anstruther print £50

Thanks guys!  

You can find some amazing british made items from Tom Pigeon both online and in the shop.

Small Business Saturday

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This Saturday, December 5th, we will be celebrating Small Business Saturday, because that is exactly what we are – a small business. We love our small biz status and proudly share it with other wonderfully unique independents in this city and beyond.

“When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself”,

J. Donald Walters.

Small Business Saturday gives shoppers an opportunity to shop small and discover the entrepreneurs behind the businesses. These shop owners, designers, café owners, florists, butchers, bakers, even candlestick makers all have something in common, they have taken the plunge and are working hard to make your high street a more creative place to shop and to give you a more personal shopping experience.

Products sold from small businesses are created with love and hard work – never mass produced. Each item has a story behind it and their creators would always enjoy sharing them with you. When you buy something from an independent business, your money does not go towards big scary corporate overheads, instead it stays in your own community keeping it a vibrant and interesting place to live and shop.

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we are offering 10% off all purchases over £30. All you need to do is quote “Small Business Saturday Treat” and we will apply the discount as a big Thank You for supporting us and this wonderful cause.

You can find other small businesses near you right here: https://www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com/small-business-finder

So this Saturday, whether you are out and about in your town or having a big Christmas shop online – take the time to discover some new, independent shops and take part in Small Business Saturday. Sometimes it may not be the easiest option, you may have to walk a bit further or scroll through a few more results pages on Google, but there are million reasons why your Small Business purchase would be far more meaningful and just that extra bit special!

Share your Small Business purchases online with the hashtag #smallbusinesssaturday #homebykirsty #shopsmall #supportlocal



Just a Card - Each Sale Counts

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Just a Card - Each Sale Counts

Just a Card - Each Sale Counts

If Everyone Who'd Complimented Our Beautiful Gallery Had Bought Just a Card, We'd Still Be Open." 

With Christmas approaching and Small Shop Saturday this weekend, we wanted to bring the wonderful Just a Card campaign to your attention.

The above quote kick started this incredible campaign which aims to demonstrate the impact that even the smallest purchases have on small, independent businesses. When you shop independent, not only will you be getting a unique product or gift, you can also take away the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you have directly helped keep that little shop going - completely free with every purchase!

Just a Card was launched by Sarah Hamiliton. She says, “As an artist and designer, I know just how valuable each and every sale is, not only to independent shops and galleries, but to their artists and designer suppliers,” says Sarah. “They need our support, and that is why we started our campaign Just a Card – to encourage people to appreciate just how invaluable every purchase is.”

Small, independent shops keep our high streets unique, creative and interesting and if it’s cards you’re after, then pop in and check out our ever-growing collection which has something a little different for every occasion.

So this Christmas, take a break from your usual route around town. Get to know the real people and stories behind these independent businesses. Explore arcades, look online, support the small shops and their suppliers and buy something - even if it is #justacard













Colouring for the young, the old and the wild at heart

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Colouring books were always a favourite past time of mine as a child. I still have old colouring books where each completed creation is signed off with my artist signature, my age and the date of completion.

Until recently, staying in the lines was an activity reserved for children. Lately, there has been a boom in the number of adults who are getting their own fix of colouring escapism and as a result adult colouring books have grown massively in popularity. Colouring has been proven to destress adults and is a great way to take 5 minutes just for you - and relax.

Here at Home byKirsty, we’ve just received a big bundle of our own goodies for colourists of all ages that will give you a chance to lose yourself in mindful moments of colouring bliss. Perfect for Christmas gifts, commutes, rainy days and spontaneous creative outbursts. Here are our favourites:

When We Were Wild - Llun a Lliw

This colouring book features page after page of Llun a Lliw's typically weird and wonderful line drawings. You are given plenty of space to colour, paint or even collage on each image so you can get as creative as you like!

Rolling, jumping, roaring, hiding - the children in this book have the ability to transport you to their wildest imagination and limitless play. 

With perforated edges, you can rip out your completed designs and frame them or maybe give them as gifts.

Available at Home byKirsty - £10


AnimalZ - Llun a Lliw

Think you know your ABC? This pocket sized colouring book will bring a whole new life to your alphabet.

With a Coatadium in the Cupboard and a Porpoise in a Pinny, Llun a Lliw has an alternative animal image for each letter of the alphabet and they are all waiting for you to bring them to life with colour.

This book is sure to put a smile on anyone's face and had us chuckling when it arrived in store last week.

Narwhal in a Nightie? Yes please!

Available at Home byKirsty - £12


Pethau Gwyllt / Gone Wild - Llun a Lliw

Llun a Lliw strike again - this time with an amazing book of postcards featuring whimsical images from her books "And Then We Were Gone" and "When We Were Wild".

With space for a stamp and address, what better way to show off your masterpieces than by sending them to a loved one.

A creative alternative to birthday or thank you cards.

Available at Home byKirsty - £8




Colour-In Advent Calendar - Pirrip Press


As the 1st of December will soon be upon us, we have found the perfect advent calendar for colouring enthusiasts.

Each day, you can decorate a geometrc Christmas decoration until your tree is full of festive colour ready for the big day! 

Each calendar comes with its own set of mini colouring pencils and is a healthier, more creative alternative to the usual chocolate ones!

Available at Home byKirsty- £5.50

So whether you are looking for Christmas gifts, stocking fillers or just fancy treating yourself to some artistic therapy, swing by our place and take a look for yourself.

We would love to see your finished pieces so make sure you share them with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and use the hastag #homebykirsty

Happy colouring! 

Winter Workshops at Home byKirsty

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As we approach Christmas, Home byKirsty is super excited to be holding 4 wonderful Winter Workshops. Each session will be hosted by some of Cardiff’s best creatives and aim to give you an opportunity to learn new skills and add a bit of homemade into your festive season. The workshops will take place in store in Cardiff's Castle Arcade on Thursday evenings between 6:30-8:30pm.

Read on to find out which HBK Winter Workshop is for you and this year have yourself a merry little, handmade Christmas!

Winter Wreath Workshop with Forbesfields. £55 - inc. materials

First up is the Winter Wreath Workshop with our Castle Arcade neighbours, Forbesfields Flowers. With expert guidance from Beth, you will be able to create a beautiful, seasonal wreath to take home, decorate your front door and show off to all those who visit you this Yuletide! This workshop will take place on Thursday 19th November and all items used will be long-lasting, keeping your wreath looking its best right up until the big day.



Winter Knits with WATG & Elen-Angharad. £25 - inc. materials

Baby, it's cold outside! So get your knit on this Christmas with everyone’s favourite chunky knitwear, Wool and the Gang. Cardiff's super-knitter Elen-Angharad, will be in store on Thursday 3rd December, to support you in creating your very own WATG Snood Operator. All abilities are welcome, from knitting novices to weaving whiz kids, this workshop will give you the chance to set aside some time to make a unique homemade gift this Christmas – even if it is from Me, to Me!




Seasonal Stitch with Nelly’s Treasures. £35 - inc. materials

Local print and textile designer, Nelly’s Treasures, are next up to take the HBK creative floor. With your goodie bag of sewing essentials, this workshop will see you making your very own decorative Christmas treasures. Helen will show you how to create Christmas decorations and a festive banner that can be used in your home or given as unique, handmade gifts. This seasonal stitch sesh will be held on Thursday 10th December so you’ll have plenty of time to deck the halls with your own special creations! 






Paper, Print & Paint with Cathryn Weatherhead. £35 - inc. materials

Cathryn is a Welsh illustrator who works from her studio in Cardiff’s Printhaus (where you can also find Nelly’s Treasures!) and she will be holding her Paper, Print & Paint workshop on Thursday 17th December. If you struggle to make your presents stand out from the pile at the bottom of the tree, then this one is for you! Just in time for the wrapping fest, you will be making your own gift tags, wrapping paper and Christmas cards to take home and use – making this year’s gifts look extra special. 




So, do you fancy yourself as a festive florist or a snood specialist? Would you like some unique decorations for your tree or maybe a one off card for your loved ones? Home byKirsty have got it covered this Christmas!

We are so excited to welcome you into our shop after hours and fill the floor with festive fun and creative Christmas cheer. Each workshop is limited to just 8 spaces, so book now to avoid any disappointment. You can find tickets below or you can contact Kirsty on info@homebykirsty.com for more information.





HBK Spotlight on Mini Moderns

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This week we are shining our HBK Spotlight on Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire – the designers behind the “very British in attitude”, Mini Moderns.

This design duo took quite different paths to where they are today. Keith has a degree in Graphic Design and experience in the fashion industry, whilst Mark is an English Literature graduate who has worked in television.

Both Keith and Mark went on to work in branding agencies, before setting up their own branding studio and voila – Mini Moderns was born!

Stories from their lives and past experiences are woven into each designs. They are often inspired by old TV programmes, travel, literature, childhood memories, music or any other of their interests. Their love for British design heritage and social history shines out in everything thing they produce. Their customers have said how Mini Modern patterns often seem familiar whilst at the same time being new and original.

So what is a typical working day like in the Mini Moderns studio? Mornings usually consist of packing and dispatching orders. After that initial rush anything can happen. From working on new designs, liaising with manufacturers or going through new samples with licensees - for the Mini Moderns duo, no day is ever the same.

We asked both Keith and Mark to tell us a bit about their most treasured item of homeware. Keith told us about his G Plan sideboard that was given to them by his mother not long before she died. Unbeknown to anyone else in the family, one of Keith’s nephews has carved his name into the sideboard – a nice family link but shh don’t tell! Mark chose his collection of Carlton Ware money boxes gifted to him by Keith as his most treasured possessions. They always put a smile on his face and the only person trusted to dust them is his mum – good old Mums!

Which of their designs are the guys most proud of? Keith picked their Whitby print. Like all their prints, Whitby tells the story behind how it came to existence. Both Mark and Keith spent a lot of time in Whitby whilst growing up and this nautical print depicts a rough North Easterly sea with working fishing boats riding the waves. Mark says they are really proud of all their prints as each one means something different to them and has a balance of fun and thoughtfulness in their design.

You can find Mini Moderns in store today – which is your favourite print?

ByKirsty @ Made by Hand – The Contemporary Craft Fair

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Hooray! There is nothing we love more than a craft fair and this week we are lucky enough to have the wonderful Made by Hand in our very own City Hall, Cardiff! Plus, we have 2 free tickets to give away to some of our lovely HBK customers – read on for more details.

Made by Hand will bring together a group of 135 makers and artists from Wales and beyond and we are thrilled to have our own ByKirsty stand (Stand 45, Ground Floor).

From ceramics to leather, metal to jewellery and everything in between you will be spoilt for choice at this year’s fair – is it too early to start Christmas shopping? 

Supported by Arts Council of Wales and Visit Wales, Made by Hand will be taking place from October 30th – November 1st from 10am to 5pm. It’s a perfect chance to shop local and support independents.

Come along and don’t forget to say hello at our ByKirsty lighting stand, number 45 on the Ground Floor.

Meanwhile, our HomeByKirsty shop will be open in Castle Arcade as usual, Tues - Sat 10am - 5:30pm, so you can pop in and see the rest of our product range.

Now – how about those 2 free tickets? All you need to do is share or comment on this blog and we will enter you into our draw. Winners will be announced Thursday AM – Good Luck!!

If you aren’t one of our luck winners, all other tickets are available here www.etickets.to/buy/?e=12775 and good news, under 14’s are free!





HBK Spotlight - Block

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At HomebyKirsty, we pride ourselves on bringing you the finest of British and Welsh design. We wanted to shed a bit of light on our wonderful homegrown suppliers, to show you exactly what made us fall for them. Each week we will shine our HBK Spotlight on a different designer from the shop. First up is Tara Ashe and Block.

Tara Ashe is Block’s lead designer. We asked her a few questions to get a better understanding of the inspirations and stories behind Block’s unique design.

Originally from Belfast, Tara developed her love for Art and Design at school. After completing a foundation course at Bournemouth, Tara went on to study Metal work at Plymouth and eventually formed Block in 2000 – Go Tara!

Much like here at HBK, Block’s design meetings are usually fueled by cups of tea. The day can bring anything from working on prototypes to planning their next trade show – and the occasional row over the next colour palette!

When asked about her most treasured item of homeware, Tara told us it was a yellow vase that once belonged to her Grandmother. The vase has huge sentimental value to Tara and although from Belfast in the ‘60’s, she says the vase is a timeless piece and could have been plucked straight from the Block range!

Tara’s work is inspired by colour, form and materials - pretty clear when you take a look at her Block designs:

Tara’s most prided Block design?

Her Sketch Desk Tidy (shown above). A design that had been hidden in her sketchbooks for a while, now brought to life with its intriguing lines and illusions.

It’s one of our favourites too!

Come and see for yourself, find Block in store today #homebyKirsty #madeinBritain


Best New Business WINNER!

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Well what a fantastic month March was I won Best New Business at the Cardiff Life Awards! I still can't believe it.


It was an amazing evening in the glamours Cardiff City Hall celebrating the best indie businesses in & around Cardiff.

Forbes-Field Flowers, Ongl Design & Make, Science Cream, Little Cake Cupboard, Rachel Burgess Bridal & Hamptons made the night super special to name just a few!! I think I could have partied all night! 

Congratulations to all the finalists & winners. 


A big thanks goes to everyone that has helped, supported & shopped! Without you I would not be able to live my dream.

What a great city we live in..... make sure you support local. Go Cardiff!

Cardiff Life Awards finalist!

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Cardiff Life Awards Finalist

Home byKirsty has been selected for 3 Cardiff Life Awards! What a way to start the year!

Best 'New Business', 'Retail' & 'Interiors'.

A massive thanks goes to all our customers & local businesses that have supported the shop from the start. 

We are so chuffed to be named alongside Cardiff's best independent businesses, here's to a fabulous evening celebrating everyone's achievements.