Meet the Maker: Tom Pigeon

We caught up with our mates at Tom Pigeon, consisting of Scottish husband and wife duo Pete & Kirsty Thomas (no not a bloke called Tom, who knew?!), to ask them a few questions about where they find inspiration and how they became such a well known british design studio. 

LOCATION: Cellardyke, Fife (a tiny fishing village on the East coast of Scotland.)

Can you summarise your journey to becoming a designer in five steps?

1. Loved art at school

2. Design Studies degree at University of Salford

3. Worked in fashion design and marketing

4. Set up Lovely Pigeon as a part time business

5. Tom Pigeon was born in 2014 when I merged the business and went into partnership with my husband Pete.

What inspires your work?

Where we live - landscapes, geometry of local harbours, ice cream colours, boat type, travelling fairs.

Mid-century design.

Minimalism and clean lines.

Totem necklace  £60

Totem necklace  £60


What is a typical workday for you?

Usually both in the studio by 9 but if the sun is shining we’ll go for a walk and usually discuss everything that needs done that day.

Spend most of the morning dealing with admin, orders, marketing, emails and if we’re lucky the afternoon might involve design meetings, working on new collections, sampling and product development.

Usually finished by 6 and try not to work after that (although that doesn’t always happen!)



Charles and Ray Eames - the diversity of their work, their constant fascination with all aspects of the world around them, their playfulness.

Ray & Charles Eames

Ray & Charles Eames


What is your most treasured item of homeware?

Family photos but I also have a little 1950s wall mounted ceramic deer head that I love.

Which of your own designs are you most proud of and why?

The Anstruther was the first non-jewellery piece I designed for the collection and I love its clean lines. I also love that people seem to really like it and that it remains our best seller. 

Anstruther print £50

Anstruther print £50

Thanks guys!  

You can find some amazing british made items from Tom Pigeon both online and in the shop.

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