Meet the Magazine: DOG Magazine

It is no secret that we at HBK are totally dog-obsessed. The shop is more than dog-friendly; we love nothing more than meeting a new four-legged friend. So, naturally, when we discovered the awesome DOG Magazine, we had to have it on our shelves. 152 pages - no ads - just stunning imagery and sweet tales from dog owners around the world, in a mix of matte and high gloss paper.

Julian, from DOG, answered some questions for us, to give us a little bit of an insight into this unique magazine.

In five steps, can you summarise the path that led you to start your magazine?

  1. Love for dogs.

  2. Love for independent print.

  3. An amazing creative team.

  4. Interesting tales.

  5. More dogs!


Where does your magazine’s name come from?
We wanted to keep things simple, so we just went for the obvious - DOG. We think it just says all about what to expect inside.

What does your magazine celebrate?
We celebrate the relationship human share with their dogs. We tend to think that dogs influence humans in one way and another, and we want to showcase that in our magazine.

What are the best and worst parts about making a magazine?
Besides being able to work with dogs, it is to meet so many creative people in this process, people you normally would not meet in your normal life. Worse part? None. We are enjoying making the magazine and can’t wait for the next one.


Why do you love physically, printed magazines?
We are obsessed with independent printing, and we are constantly inspired by all of them. It is a great source if you have a particular subject you are fascinated with. There is an independent magazine for anything you are into.

Any top books, magazines, blogs you can't stop reading at the mo?
We recently came from Japan so we are obsessed with Japanese independent print work. Also, our new favourite magazine is Mincho, an illustration magazine, it really inspired us in our next issue.


Where is your favourite place to read a book or magazine?
Personally, I like to read in my living room, on my sofa surrounded by my 4 dogs.


That sounds like a perfect reading spot to us too! You can pick up the latest copy of DOG from the shop or website today.

Kirsty PatrickComment