3 reasons to smile when you shop small

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With International Happiness Day happening this week, I've been taking some time to think about what makes me smile most. Having a small business can be tough. There are a lot of late nights, early mornings and very few holidays. But, what keeps me smiling is having an incredible support network of customers and friends, who love the products I stock and get behind me with new projects and future plans.

I hope you know how much it means to small business owners every time you choose to buy from them. Just as a little reminder, this week, I'm sharing three reasons why you can smile whenever you shop small and support local...

Number 1 - You're keeping your high street alive

Nobody wants to visit a new city and be greeted with the same chain restaurants, bars and shops that they left at home. That's no fun for anyone. I love being part of a community of Cardiff's small businesses. We will always fight our corner to try and keep our city's offering interesting, colourful and unique. When you buy from an independent business, you are buying into this movement. Every penny spent goes straight back into your local economy and helps to boost our indie city spirit - long live the high street!

Number 2 - Every product has a story to tell

I love to carefully source new products from awesome new designers to stock online and in the coach house. Whenever I go to a trade show, I try to curate collections that I know my customers will love. By the time new stock arrives online or in the shop, I have gotten to know the designers that created them. I love to learn all about the inspiration and values behind every product that I sell and pass the stories on to my lovely customers. It's always much nicer when you know where the things you buy come from!

Number 3 - Small businesses value you more

You may have heard, that every time you buy from a small business a real person does a little happy dance. Real independent shop, bar and restaurant owners really do value every penny spent on their business. Your money doesn't get lost in a big corporate hole, but instead goes into giving our small businesses a bright future. I love to get to know my customers, that's why it's always been important for me to have the coach house. Whoever you are, you will always be welcome in the shop and always be greeted with a big, happy smile.

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