Meet the Magazine: Cereal


"Arguably the world's most beautiful travel magazineCereal brings its minimalist calm to every destination it lands in. A true publishing phenomenon, its rapid growth is testament to the power of its original photography and first-person writing." The Stack.

This week, we heard from Rosa Park, editor of iconic, minimalist, travel magazine, Cereal. From her studio in Bath, Rosa shared her story and journey behind her amazing print business.


In five steps, can you summarise the path that led you to start your magazine?

The first step for me was going back into education after working in retail for several years. I did my MA in English Literature and really reconnected with my love of writing. The second step was working for other publications, and learning about myself in those environments. The third would have to be meeting Rich Stapleton, who would become our co-founder and creative director. The fourth was talking about our growing dream to create a magazine together, and the fifth was finally deciding to take the plunge!


Where does your magazine's name come from?

The name Cereal was actually based on my love of breakfast cereal as child - and an adult! Somehow it represents to me the idea of nourishing and feeding our curiosity and enthusiasm, which we have in such abundance as children. Rich and I also wanted a name that was neutral enough to carry our brand’s own identity as it developed, and which could eventually become synonymous with our values as a brand.


What does your magazine celebrate?

Cereal celebrates great writing and photography, and our passion for travel, often through the lens of design that inspires us. In its own way, each issue is also product of our love of art, literature and natural landscapes. 


Why do you love physically, printed magazines?

Print is so final, and it’s a weighty, tactile object that you can hold in your hands. I think for that reason there will always be an appetite for print. I appreciate that the audience is indeed smaller than it used to be within the print realm, but my belief is that within the intimate circle of print aficionados, the medium is becoming ever more significant again. Print feels more rare and special, and so is a great medium for more creative projects. 

Cereal's IG

Cereal's IG


Any top books, magazines, blogs you can't stop reading at the mo?

The New Yorker is the one magazine I read religiously and I’ve long been a subscriber. I’m currently reading The Breakfast Bible by Seb Emina & Malcolm Eggs and really love it. I recently finished reading Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard, the owner of Patagonia Clothing Company, who is an inspiring man. I feel as though I could read it again already and want to recommend it everyone!


Where is your favourite place to read a book or magazine?

I love to stay at home in my flat to read. It feels like such a luxury when I have been travelling extensively for work. At home I have stacks and stacks of books and magazines everywhere, always. I do love to read when I’m on the road too, while I’m taking in new sights and experiences.

Tell me your favourite business, cafe, bar or shop + why you like them?

My favourite womenswear brand is The Row. Hermès is my favourite luxury brand and MUJI is my favourite essentials brand. For me, the common thread between these is their focus on quality, timelessness, and an understated approach, which in my opinion, is the most powerful form of brand confidence. 

The Row's IG...

The Row's IG...

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I would have to go for the Clear Form Glass Vase and the Concrete Planter. I love the simple shapes and materials and like to have fresh flowers and plants around. I also love the gold Circle Earrings because again, they are simple and understated.


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Massive thank you to Rosa for giving up some of her busy schedule to give us insight into her day-to-day life as editor of Cereal magazine. You can find the latest edition in the shop or online.

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