Meet the Magazine: Design Anthology


Australian, Hong-Kong based, interior designer, Suzy Anetta, is Editor in Chief at Design Anthology. Design Anthology is Asia’s premier English-language interiors, design, architecture and built environment magazine, and is independently published four times a year. We have recently become a proud stockist of Design Anthology and asked Suzy to answer some questions to give us a bit of insight into what led her to establish this awesome magazine...


In five steps, can you summarise the path that led you to start your magazine?

  1. I grew up reading books and magazines - they were my connection to the outside world in the pre-internet age.

  2. I started writing a blog ( back in about 2007 and the readership grew organically amongst the international design community.

  3. I couldn't find any other magazines within Asia that I really wanted to read.

  4. We are totally independent and self-financed, so once I convinced Phil we should do it, it was just a matter of registering the publication with the HK government to get an ISSN number and then finding a graphic designer. From there we found writers, photographers, printers, distributors etc.

  5. We launched Design Anthology in April of 2014, just 6 months after really finally decided to give it a go.


Where does your magazine’s name come from?
It was something my business partner, Phil (also our managing editor) came up with. We'd been brainstorming together for ages about what to call it. Something simple, memorable, easy to pronounce, and most difficult - something that hadn't already been taken. We liked how it explained that the magazine would be a series of stories about design.

What does your magazine celebrate?
We celebrate the creative scene in Asia. Our editorial focus is predominantly on the built environment, from urban living to architecture, to interiors, art, design, plus travel. Because we all know designers love to travel and value it as a source of inspiration. Plus I was a hotel designer before I started the magazine. We write about the talent in this part of the world and the designers that chose to live here, plus the work they do internationally.
What are the best and worst parts about making a magazine?
I'd say first and foremost is seeing your hard work in print, and being able to share the content in a valuable way with our readers. Apart from that, it has also been amazing getting to travel and meet so many talented people around the world.

The worst part is the stress of a constant deadline. Print is brutal and unforgiving. Plus it’s expensive to produce...

Why do you love physically, printed magazines?
I grew up with print and have always valued the tactile quality of a book or a magazine. There is something about it that you can't ever totally replace digitally. Maybe it’s the smell.
Any top books, magazines, blogs you can't stop reading at the mo? 
I read mostly non-fiction books, anything about design, architecture, urban planning etc. I religiously read How To Spend It from the FT each weekend. Plus I also enjoy many, many magazines. Mark is probably the best architecture magazine I've seen. There are probably too many others to name.


Where is your favourite place to read a book or magazine?
In bed, with my cat next to me, with a cup of tea.
What inspiration do you take from your own home? 
I'm lucky enough to live in a light-filled space with a lovely mountain view. I always find that quite inspiring on many levels.

Design Anthology Magazine, Issue 11. On sale now in the shop or online - £8

Design Anthology Magazine, Issue 11. On sale now in the shop or online - £8


This Design Anthology sounds like your kind of magazine?! Grab yourself a copy now and head to your favourite reading spot for a moment of calm.