Plant LOVE... Your houseplant care guide

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As you probably know, my coach house is getting greener and greener. I love stocking unusual houseplants that you guys seem to be loving! So, with more and more of you taking home these little green guys, I thought it would be useful to create a little care guide to help them live long and happy lives. Or, if you're yet to chose, I hope the below will help you pick the perfect plant partner.


Cheese Plant/ Monstera Deliciosa

Light - Lots of light Water - Once a week Likes - A large pot with room to grow
Hates - Direct sunlight Pet Friendly - Yes

String of Pearls

String of Pearls/

Senecio Rowleyanus

Light - Bright sunlight Water - Drought tolerant Likes - Being pruned & shared
Hates - Too much water Pet Friendly - No! 

Cacti/ Echinocactus


Light - Lots please Water - Don't bother in winter, weekly in warmer months
Likes - Well-lit spaces Hates - Too much water, think desert! Pet Friendly - Not toxic, but a little prickly. 

Blue Star Fern

Blue Star Fern/

Phlebodium Aureum

Light - Shade friendly Water - Sprayed onto its leaves Likes - Humidity, try it in your bathroom Hates - Waterlogged soil
Pet Friendly - Yes 

String of hearts

String of hearts/

Ceropegia Woodii

Light - Very bright, but not direct
Water - Dry soil out between watering
Likes - A hanging pot or high shelf
Hates - The cold - brr! Pet Friendly - Yes 

Chinese Money Plant

Chines Money Plant/

Pilea Peperomioides

Light - Plenty, please Water - Keep moist but not over-watered Likes - Well-drained soil Hates - Direct sunlight will scorch those pancake leaves Pet Friendly - Yes 

Satin Pothos

Satin Pothos/

Scindapsus Pictus

Light - Bright, but indirect Water - Once a week Likes - A pole to climb up
Hates - Too much shade Pet Friendly - No! 




Light - Plenty of daylight Water - Not often, avoid wet leaves or they'll rot Likes - A sunny windowsill Hates - Sitting in water Pet Friendly - Yes 

Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant/ Aphelandra Squarrosa

Light - Bright, but not direct Water - Keep the soil moist to touch Likes - Regular misting with warm water Hates - Wet roots
Pet Friendly - Yes 


I hope this guide is a useful starting point for you and your green fingers. Do you have any tips for happy plants? Share them in the comments below or tag us on social media. Pop into the coach house from Thursday to Saturday and pick up another houseplant to add to your leafy collection.