If you're following homeby Kirsty on Instagram, you'll have seen that I've decided to join in the #MyShopLife challenge. The #MyShopLife2018 campaign was started by Sarah, the owner of Scottish indie shop, Pencil Me In. This April Instagram challenge sees hundreds of shopkeepers sharing photos that mean a lot to them and paint a picture of their own shop life.

So, throughout April, I will be sharing behind the scene snapshots of life at my shop. I want to give you an insight into what being a small shop owner is life, why I do what I do and what inspires me to keep going.

I will be following prompts created by Sarah. Here's a full list of what I will be sharing over the next month:

  1. Bricks & mortar
  2. The proprietor
  3. Your hood
  4. Shopping bags
  5. Team (pets included!)
  6. Inspiration & influences
  7. Opening hours
  8. Work threads
  9. Fave indie shop neighbour
  10. Why did I open a store?
  11. Chalkboard/signage
  12. Throwback
  13. Customer(s)
  14. Support network
  15. Favourite product

16. Favourite window display
17. Challenges & hurdles
18. All systems go!
19. Suppliers & designers
20. Current window display
21. Strangest customer request
22. A day off
23. Fave indie shop front
24. Behind the scenes
25. Boomerang
26. Shelfie
27. Online shop
28. Best shoplife advice
29. Significant achievement
30. Hopes & future plans

It's definitely a challenge to create a post for each prompt every day, but I love how every post will give you a fresh insight into life at home byKirsty. When you're the owner of a small business, you're not part of a big team. For me, what makes this Instagram challenge even more special are the connections that I make with the incredible shop owners that I 'Instagram meet' throughout the month. Sharing our own influences and daily hurdles helps to build a support network that each of us can gain strength and inspiration from.

So, head on over to Instagram and support the #MyShopLife movement. Jump on the hashtag #MyShopLife2018 to discover which shops are participating and show some love to indie business owners who are rocking small business life!

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