KP's Top 5 interior trends SS19


Spring is well + truly here, and we are almost heading into the sunshine! What are your upcoming interior home ideas, plans, + DIY projects? 

Now the evenings are lighter, it feels like there's so much more time to get the paint brushes and garden forks out. Where do you turn to for inspiration? Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, magazines?

My personal favourites are old school magazines + Pinterest. Magazines like 91, Enki, Design Anthology + Elle Decoration have to be my go too’s for a long time. (The amount of Elle Decorations I have is ridiculous… I did have a cull but the pile is growing again!! OOPS!)

Trends can be funny things… I always think you should find your own style rather than sticking too closely to what's 'in'. What are YOUR colours?(Mine have always been white + woody tones). What textures do YOU love… natural, matt, shinny, patterned or plain? What style sums YOU up? Scandinavian, Minimal, Mid Century, Industrial, Rustic... god there are hundreds! Take time to work out what you love, then you'll find a timeless style that won’t date + you won't need to overhaul every year as the trends change. You can just add a few new treats that will bring a fresh look to your beautiful space. 

So here are a few things that I am LOVING + feel totally inspired by. You will see elements of these on the shop shelves + online. Oh + they will all be in my home too!


1. Colours

Neutrals + pale tonesare MASSIVE this SS19 + I think will always be… no this is not the return of magnolia (that is one paint colour that should be band!

There are just sooo many colours to choose from… here are a few paint companies out there that might have the perfect shade for you…

CELTIC Sustainable’s have an amazing selection of eco paints including… eathborn, eicó + painthouse

PS. Who has the job of creating all the amazing paint names? What a job! Tabby Cat Grey- LOVE!

2. Shapes

Thinking about the form of an object. Whether it be a vase that holds a simple stem of eucalyptus or being bolder with black geometric shapes like the magazine racks. These can be used singularly or as a set of 3.

You can bring a simple silhouette of a shape in really easily, have a look at some of these…

Clear Glass Vase- House Doctor £20

Concrete Tealight Holder £14

Tall Clear Glass Vase- House Doctor £20

Geometric Magazine Rack House Doctor £18 each

3. Inside

Mid Century is having another massive revival, is it the classic shapes, or incredible craftsmanship that we are loving again?

Personally I have always loved the midcentury style, my own lighting range Sphery is inspired + sits beautifully within it.

Ercol is well, pretty much king of Mid Century Furniture… Hello sofa’s + chairs of my dreams!

What do you love about the Mid Century style?…

4. Materials

Staying with the muted tones, you will be seeing lots of natural + hand cast materials in the interior world. Cork, plywood + Jesmonite/ Terrazzo have been featured heavily over the past year or so + I am really happy to see them staying around.

Emily’s had cast coasters, placemats + lamps have been my top selling products in the shop. Which colour way would you buy?

Jesmonite Terrazzo Coaster Monochrome £10 each

Wooden Lightshade- Sphery30 £110

Clork- Cork Clock Natural £48

Terrazzo Jesmonite Table Lamp £60

5. Outside

The line between inside + outside spaces are most defiantly blurring. Bringing more house plants into our homes + connecting our living space with bifold doors. Our lives are so fast passed that we are wanting to get back into nature.

Designing the outside space of our home is become such a big thing. Victoria Wade is at the top of all things green… just look at this garden… Vic + Joe’s talent is incredible.


Hope you’ve enjoyed having a little read + maybe get inspired by some of the things that I am loving. Oh + give me a follow on Pinterest, to see my garden + my home idea boards plus much more too…  

Make sure you comment bellow, as I’d love to hear your Top 5.

KP xx