Eye spy with my little eye... a HBK pop-up


You know me. I like high-quality products, minimal in style and timeless in design. So, when the opportunity came up to create a collaborative pop-up space in independent, eyewear designer, Ollie Quinn, I was quick to snap it up.

About a year ago, Ollie Quinn set up their first boutique in Wales, situated on a corner of Queen Street. Their range of eyewear immediately caught my attention and I could feel some brand synergy from the get-go.


Finally, this week, the HBKxOQ pop-up is actually happening. Yay.

So, you can catch a curated selection of HBK products at Ollie Quinn on Queen Street from today, 24th October, until Sunday, 28th October. Scroll on for a taste of what you can expect to find and tag us in your photos or stories if you’re passing and spot us in the OQ windows.

Kirsty PatrickComment