The Small Business Christmas Wishlist


Is it ok to start talking about Christmas? (She says, quietly running out of the shop!) It may be well over a month away, but I’ve been hearing some not-so-subtle hints around the shop…

“Oh, I would love that for Christmas.”
“Can I pop this on my Christmas list?”
 “Will you remember this for me?”
Alongside lots of winks, nudges and pointing.

It’s just got me thinking, how can I help you get organised this Christmas and get the gifts you really want? And, how could I help other small shops, designers and makers have their most successful Christmas yet?


Let’s break the habit.

I’m already seeing adverts from the big players all over the tele. It's easy to get sucked in by big department stores and their shiny budgets. They can afford to make a song and dance, they can open every day until late at night and, more often than not, they’ll even offer you plenty of parking right on their doorstep. So, when people are made to feel the need to panic buy, they flock to these places out of habit and convenience - not because they have the right gifts for their loved ones. But, Christmas should never be about over-spending on last-minute gifts that are often not needed and won’t be loved.


Say no to panic-buys.

These days, it doesn’t have to be any less convenient to do your Christmas shopping at smaller, independents. We may not have fancy TV ads, but what we have got is a selection of the kind of products that people treasure, forever. With most shops having their own website, as well as listing on online marketplaces, like Trouva, it’s actually never been easier to shop small - and, you can do it from your sofa, in your pyjamas.

The Small Business Christmas Wishlist.

And, what about you? How can we make those hints a reality?! For this Christmas, I have created a little gift list (thanks Sophie Potter) that you can fill with your ultimate wishlist from your favourite small shops, designers and makers. Your Small Business Christmas Wishlist will help you to plan ahead to shop small and support more independent shops this year.

Your small business wishlist

I’ll be sharing the Small Business Christmas Wishlist with other independents around the UK. If you know a shop that would like to be involved, then let me know or tag them in our Instagram posts.

I want you to be able to pick up a blank wishlist from your favourite small business, and use it to plan for a more meaningful, personal and enjoyable Christmas.

Keep an eye on my blogs and IG for lots of amazing wishlist + gift inspiration over the next few weeks…


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