KP's Top 5... Cafes in Cardiff. YUM.


I’m trying out a series of new blog posts! KP’s Top 5 will be a way of helping you find other hidden independents, beautiful places to stay + go, and generally just nice stuff for you!

I’m going to try to do this at the end of each month to give you (+ me) some inspiration for the month ahead.

Cardiff is covered in amazing coffee shops + cafes in all shapes and sizes... This list should really be KP’s Top 200, as I LOVE so many cafes in Cardiff, but these are my default go to's.

Go explore, have fun + tell me your favourite coffee shops in your home town!


1. The Early Bird

Cathays, Cardiff

I have a slight obsession with The Early Bird’s veggie breakfast + their Cinnamon swirls.... it would be rude not to do a two course breakfast right?! Sophie P + I are also very guilty of getting a take out coffee with a doughnut to share to start the day in the shop!

2. Penylan Pantry

Penylan, Cardiff

Just the yummiest goodness ever at Penylan Pantry. Their veggie sausage rolls with a side of delicious salads is the perfect pick me up... oh and did I mention their balsamic pickled onions?!! Plus, check out their recent little refit by Joesph Carpentry, it looks super nice + lots more seating! YAY!

3. Kin + Ilk

Pontcanna, Cardiff

With two locations, and a pop up in St Davids 2, you can pick up a super coffee and chunky sandwich to keep you going all day at Kin & Ilk. Their Matcha is top notch too! I love the interior design in their cafe fit outs... super simple with a big nod to the Scandi minimal feel which you all know we love at HBK.

4. Secret Garden

Bute Park, Cardiff

Get outdoors, stretch your legs + end up in the tasty walled haven that is Secret Garden Cafe! Tucked away in Bute Park’s Walled Gardens, this is truly a secret spot. Pick up a coffee to go or take the weight off your feet + have a delish lunch. All served on the best ceramics crockery you have seen! Pooches are welcome too which is always a winner!

5. Lufkin

Pontcanna, Cardiff

It feels like going home when I head to Lufkin at Kings Road Yard, as this is where I had my first studio space back in 2008. My little space was where the table area now is, two seperate units. On for me and one for my bestie, Emma Kate Francis, who had her jewellery Studio next door (where the coffees are now made!) It was an awesome space back then too... especially when Simon Pipes was testing out his new brews!

I wish Lufkin had been there to keep us fuelled up back then!


My Top Drink... My fave is a Matcha Latte. I got introduced to them after having a delicious one at Waterloo Tea, back when they first opened on Waterloo Gardens. Thanks Kaz, you started my addiction! (I am a weak tea + coffee drinker! Do not judge me!)

I’ll be heading further a field with my Top 5's so hit me up on where you would like me to explore!

Make sure you comment bellow so I can go + support your indie coffee shops in Cardiff and beyond. Where are your faves?

KP xx